Informal sounding board for career strategies and ideas

In a rapidly evolving world, making a career choice sometimes feels more like losing out on better opportunities. Navigating this problem of plenty gets easier by speaking to people who have been through the same journey.

My name is Sayan Ganguly and I built this platform to engage with students who are on the cusp of beginning their careers. If you fit this description and have questions you want to talk about, please go ahead and book a session.

I have spent the last decade working in various parts of the world and this initiative is part of my efforts to get back in touch with my roots. I want to help those entering the workplace to learn how to think about their careers and in turn educate myself about the exciting challenges and skill-set trends in the campuses.

Topics of discussion can include how to evaluate opportunities (e.g. corporate vs start-ups Vs higher studies), the value of the MBA, skill-set vs brand name, the long-term mindset, how to think about the global market-place etc.